Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs are statistically the most effective form of care because they allow clients, and their loved ones, more time to focus on their recovery.  Our inpatient services provide a safe environment for people who are in recovery for moderate to severe drug or alcohol addiction. By creating and following an individualized treatment plan, we remove all obstacles to success by offering a thirty to ninety-day inpatient setting- followed by intensive outpatient treatment. All of our clients will experience a treatment program that includes specialized counseling, education, and research-based best practices following a comprehensive medical and psychological evaluation to ensure we are meeting each clients very specific needs. Our goal is for each client to gain a better understanding of the disease of addiction; learn skills necessary to effectively cope with life’s challenges; recognize and avoid triggers to relapse; and create a plan to maintain their sobriety effectively. We, at Romans VIII, strive to help our clients achieve physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.


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