We help client's detox from mind-altering substances in a safe, confidential, and clinical environment, with complete medical oversight, to ensure our clients experience the least amount of discomfort.



Oftentimes the decision to seek treatment for those struggling with addiction is made in the moment. Someone who’s decided to make a positive change in their life often needs immediate assistance in setting up a treatment plan to handle their substance use treatment issues. Other times the decision has been made by loved ones and the only thing left to do is to leave the situation and get help. Compassionate intake at Romans Eight works by addressing the medical needs of our struggling patients, identifying the addiction or addictions and working with the client for them to understand that we can help them through their detox process in a  comfortable setting. Simply stopping the use of drugs isn’t enough. Often addicts use to cover over larger issues whether they be depression or trauma in their past. Patients at Romans eight will be assigned a Therapist who understand the road to recovery and will custom craft treatment plans based on conversations had throughout intake as well as anything new that comes to light in their early days of sobriety.


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